5 Habits You’ll have to Ditch to have a Fantastic 2018

5 Habits You’ll have to Ditch to have a Fantastic 2018


No one gets anything done by watching another person live their lives. It’s one of the reasons, in my opinion, watching television could prove counter productive.

Don’t get so caught up watching other people’s seeming success while failing to stay in your lane and work on your own progress”

We’re all prone to this green monster, however, it’s what we do with that emotion when it creeps up that matters. Don’t let it overtake you watching your best friends find their soul mates, watching your peers get promoted or even your younger siblings’ career thrive. Your time is coming but you need to stay the course.


When you doubt your own abilities, it causes you to restrain from doing what you need to do to get those dreams accomplished and to move on to the next step.

Self-doubt keeps you in your comfort zone and we’re all aware that nothing grows there. To smash those goals and have an amazing year, you’re going to have to do some work on yourself because sometimes, we’re the enemy we’ve been praying against. Make a conscious effort in the new year to speak positive things about your abilities because remember, God doesn’t use the qualified, He qualifies you for that

Bad relationships

There’s a reason the bible speaks on guarding your heart wisely. The good book goes further to state that everything you do flows from it. It is important to understand that your relationships are going to be key for your journey. It is ok to establish boundaries and even better to understand that not everyone needs to be taken into your new season. Select carefully who you choose to surround yourself with and pray for wisdom regarding those you choose to bring close.


You’ve got this! The sooner you realise this, the better you’ll become. This bad habit is closely linked to self doubt, in that many times, we’re not doing what we ought to do because we simply don’t believe we can. This is the year to become unstoppable, stop second guessing that dream, goal, task that you know you need to get done to achieve your purpose. It’s about time that you just did it already.


Ever noticed that the less you talk about something, the more you’re most likely to get it done? This year, you’ll need to filter who you talk to about your dreams, in fact, a rule of thumb which could help is if they’re not playing an active role in it, don’t bother discussing it unless said person is your partner and you are believing God together that it will pan out. The more quiet and still you become, the more you’ll start to see a paradigm shift.

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