How DJ Cuppy’s Latest Announcement Reminds Us to Bless Others

How DJ Cuppy’s Latest Announcement Reminds Us to Bless Others

Music sensation, DJ Cuppy made the announcement today via her twitter page that she will be sponsoring 10 people to a university education this year. In the post, she mentions 1/10 is well on his way and has just successfully been admitted to the University of Lagos.


Some may argue that she is privileged and can afford to be as generous as she so pleases forgetting that she isn’t obliged to doing anything for the disadvantaged. It boils down to one thing: ‘choice.’

Her gesture is a gentle reminder that we are blessed to be blessings to others. No matter where we are or what our circumstances are, giving should be a habit. The Bible speaks about the generous giver; look around you and try to think of one giver who ever lacks. This however, shouldn’t be our only incentive for helping others.


Sometimes, it’s not even about the tangible assets that we have to spare; maybe all you can afford to spare right now is your time or a service at your local church or a non-profit organisation. Either way, giving is necessary and it is something we can all commit ourselves to provided that decide to do so. There is so much tension and malice in the world right now that love and support is something we can all admit to never getting enough of so how about you make the decision to be the reason for someone’s smile this month. A little goes a long way.


This month is the month of love. Besides doing something nice for a partner or a friend, how about you attempt giving to an absolute stranger in need. It’s so fulfilling, I assure you.

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