A Guide To Living Single and Happy

A Guide To Living Single and Happy

Have you been single for a long time and you are wondering if you will ever be in a relationship again? or did your partner just breakup with you and you are wondering  if you will ever find happiness? It might seem like it’s impossible to be single and happy at the same time but it is a very possible thing.

Spend and invest your time wisely:

Time is invaluable and a time wasted can never be retrieved. Rather than focusing your time on what you could have done better while in your last relationship or spending your time on wishful thinking, make a conscious effort to invest in yourself, read books and spend more time doing your hobbies.

Your Happiness is not dependent on any one:

Happiness is a choice and only you can control your happiness, no one else. You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy, it should be nobody’s job to make you happy. Become emotionally independent and search deep within you for your happiness.

Ignore the Social media depictions of happy couples:

Part of the reason you might find yourself unhappy when single is when we see pictures of a couple on Social media and they look like ‘relationship goals’. You have to realise that social media is an illusion, and the picture being portrayed might not be what it is.

Surround yourself with positive thinking people:

Be around people who will encourage you to be the best you can be, people who push hard towards your goals and constantly remind you that being in a relationship doesn’t determine your self-worth and your validation should only come from God.

Pamper yourself:

Don’t stop doing nice things for yourself just because you’re single and you feel you have nobody to impress, take yourself to the Spa, on a date  or simply do things that excite you. Learn to have fun all by yourself.

Focus on your relationship with God:

Our love, validation and security should come from God. This can only be achieved if we move closer to him and spend more time in his presence; reading his word and speaking to him.

Be positive always

It is important to keep a positive energy, it is the only true to way to find happiness and it is also a sign that a person has achieved good living. Psychologist, doctors, researchers and neuroscientists have confirmed that the power of positive thinking can’t be overemphasised

The above list might look quite long but if you follow through with them you will realise it is possible to be single and happy.

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