We’re so pumped! Omotade Alalade is building a generational brand one step at a time

We’re so pumped! Omotade Alalade is building a generational brand one step at a time

Beautiful melanin skin, well-sculpted bodies and brains are not just the only things African women are known for.  One of the biggest things to note is our business management prowess.

This is something we see even across classes and levels of educational exposure. Some African women can be said to be born and gifted with the ability to build businesses from scratch and nurture them to a skyscraping level.

Now, do you know that Africa leads the world in female entrepreneurs? A mind-blowing statistic that you should be aware of is that 1 in 4 women-run businesses in Africa.

According to the World Trade Organization, 90% of businesses in Africa are SMEs and women own one-third of them.

However, the financing gap for women in Africa is around $42 billion including appropriate mentorship. Thanks to the Flourish Africa Business &Life Skill Training initiative that’s providing an innovative offering tailored to grow women-owned businesses.

Under this initiative, we are focusing on Omotade Alalade -Founder and Lead Strategist of Moobi.

Moobi is an award-winning innovative mother and baby brand built to provide safe, colourful, quality, ergonomically branded products to support modern mums and dads on their parenting journey.

Omotade is a resilient entrepreneur whose goal is to create and grow a generational brand. So, when you think of brands that have survived generations, you need to include Moobi on that list soon.

The brand Moobi has a slogan that reads, Babies love, mums trust. You can agree that a brand that will stand the test of time has to garner the love and trust of its customers. Well, they have this on their sleeves.

Moobi has been successfully operational for 2 years and 5 months.

While engaging the entrepreneurs in the Flourish Africa Business & Life Skill Training of which Omotade is a participant, she says, “After 3 modules, I’ve already gotten so much information and nuggets of wisdom to implement. I can’t wait to fully complete the training. I know Moobi and I will never be the same.”

She reveals that her aspiration is to go on a journey with her brand, Moobi where quality products, customer service excellence and our reputation are embodiments of the company.

It is often said that time flies, but some things never die. We are here for the magic that Moobi is going to be through generations with every single step taken on the right path.

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