Looking to Deepen Your Intimacy with GOD this Year. Here are some tips

Looking to Deepen Your Intimacy with GOD this Year. Here are some tips

Let me guess. A growing intimacy with God is on your list of goals for the year? Like you, it is on mine too. We all know the feeling too well. You start the new year incredibly thankful, if not for anything else but for the gift of life. You pray and tell God how much He means the world to you and in that moment, you rekindle your love affair with your maker.

Would you like to know another feeling that’s also all too familiar for many of us ordinary human beings, day 5 of the new year, when the bald head danfo driver hits you from behind for absolutely no reason. In that moment, you put God in your pocket for a quick second almost as if to say, I’ll be right back God, I just need to handle this real quickly.

Maybe anger isn’t your trigger, maybe it’s relationships or friendships that you know too well won’t serve your spiritual growth. You start the year cutting off those friends then before you know it, you’re sending the ‘How are you?’ messages and we all know that it pretty much goes down-hill from there.

So, how do you connect with God daily like it were the first day of the year everyday? I did my research and got some advice from spiritual leaders and these were the few pointers I drummed up. I hope they help us all.

Join a bible study group

One of the best ways to know about a person is to study them. What gets them ticking? what are their pet peeves? I like to think of Christianity as a relationship. A daily process of getting to know this great God I serve. Once you start to look at it like that, it becomes less daunting. Find time to join a group of people just as passionate as you are and are looking to study the word. If you’re really pressed for time, join online groups such as the Joyce Meyer bible study.  Your bible study doesn’t also have to be at your church, it could be in the mid-week services at the church down the road from work as you wait for the traffic to subside. Remember, we’re trying to put our time to good use this year.


Seek Him daily

You want to live and breathe the word, you have to find time to be in His presence everyday. It could be on your drive to work, picking up the kids from school, during your lunch break, find some quiet time to talk to him.

Take yourself to Church on days that are not Sundays.

I’ve recently invested in my favorite preachers’ CDs. I want to internalise some of my favorite sermons from them and i’ll be investing in some new ones next month. I realised that I spent too much time listening to music I didn’t even understand the lyrics to when I really could be spending time immersing myself in the word. By going to church, I don’t necessarily mean being physically present in the four wall confines of one; technology and advancement has made it so that we’re able to take ourselves to church even in our own homes and that’s something we have to take full advantage of.


Connect with like minded Christians

Alcoholics are told to join AA anonymous meetings with other struggling alcoholics because something about belonging to a group helps deepen their resolve to healing from the addictive disease. This is the same with our spiritual life because if you really think about it, the devil comes with all sorts of temptations: just like alcohol is to the alcoholic, he will use your weaknesses against you. It’s not a religion, it’s a lifestyle so we have to encourage each other regularly. Find people on the same journey as you, it’ll be of great benefit.


Be accountable to someone

I have a spiritual leader in my life who I like to think is more a friend than He is anything else but he’s so quick to put me in my place with love when it comes to my spiritual life. I hold myself highly accountable to him. Find a person you’re comfortable to talk to about your spiritual woes, ask questions about your walk with God. When you’re accountable, you’re less likely to flail.


Are there any tips you’ve implemented in your daily life that has helped you grow in your walk with Christ? Do feel free to share in the comments section below.

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