Nomvuyo Treffers Designs Swim Caps for Black Women With Big Hair

Nomvuyo Treffers Designs Swim Caps for Black Women With Big Hair

Not all of us have joined the wigs movement. Some of us still prefer to opt for our familiar braids, locs and maybe even our big natural hair. For naturalistas, swimming can be quite the feat as there are hardly ever any swim caps that seem to fit.


Where most people see a problem, South Africa’s Nomvuyo Treffers, saw a leverage window and decided to design something that would become part of the solution to not only swimming but also the idea that natural girls didn’t need to feel left out of any activities by virtue of something as minute as the texture and density of their hair.NOMVUYO TREFFERS DESIGNS SWIM CAPS FOR BLACK WOMEN WITH BIG HAIR

In a conversation with Bona, she founded the swimming cap company called, Swimma Cap.

“I often avoided going swimming because I could not bear the chore of having to blow-dry my locs for hours.

My children also complained about uncomfortable swimming caps that could not fit over their high-volume hairstyles.

“Seeing my children frustrated motivated me to design swimming caps suitable for bulk hair.”

Since starting out in August 2016, Treffers has received tremendous support. She mentions in her interview that people from neighboring countries are also starting to make orders for the caps.

People with braids and dreadlocks have welcomed my swimming caps with open arms because they have been waiting for a product that caters specially for them. Neighbouring countries have also made orders, so business is booming. I use social media to market and have now started an online shop to cater for the growing business.

Treffers is now working with schools in Cape Town and Johannesburg to provide Swimma Caps to pupils. This product has become more than a business at this point, as it is also an opportunity to teach inclusion and for many young black girls to not feel out of place for having big, curly hair that can’t fit into swimming caps made for white hair.

These caps are on sale on their website so if you’re a woman with big hair, you know what to do!

We applaud her for her ingenuity and innovation!

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