Our Month Of Harvest

Our Month Of Harvest

This is the third month of the year and the expectation is thast from January, we had started to sow our seeds.

Seeds of investment into our education, career, enterprise, spirtual and mental health. This is the month, that we at Flourish Africa are hoping that you begin to see fruit. Not just any kind of fruit but fruit that is ripe for its season.

We’re praying for a good harvest for that which we have tiemly sown and been dilligent over. God wants the best for you and I so it is only fair that He see His children flourish that his name may be glorified. Are you already feeling disheartened by the turn-out of the year? Don’t be. God has it all under control and this is the month where it will all come together and finally make sense.

Let’s all have faith, do the work and let Him work out the rest.

Once again, welcome to your month of Harvest!

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