The 4 Kinds of People That Don’t Need to Know Your Next Move

The 4 Kinds of People That Don’t Need to Know Your Next Move

We want to be positive and share the good news only. However, on the flourish journey, there will come some naysayers and people who for lack of a better phrase to describe it, just don’t want to see you succeed. You can’t help it, it’s the glory you carry. Remember that the good book spoke on Joseph, he carried glory and grace yet, the very people he told his dreams tried to ensure that he never fulfilled his destiny. In his case, they were family. That should speak volumes to you. No one is exempt.

So, how then do you walk your God-oriented path moving at the pace intended for your destiny without speaking to the wrong people? Here are the 5 kinds of people who have no business knowing your next steps.

The Envious 

For me, envy has always been the number 1, if not the only reason I believe is strong enough to completely burn a bridge. The thing about envy is that it burns people up and turns them into persons even they themselves might struggle to recognise. Last week, we shared one similar story of Naomi Oni who survived an acid attack inflicted on her by her childhood friend. An envious person needs to be far away from your goals and moves.

2. Frenemies

This is the modern term for enemies disguised as friends. They can’t stand you but they choose to hang around you waiting to find out what you’ll do next not out of the goodwill of their hearts but because they see an opportunity to either pounce on it by stealing your ideas or dissuade you from taking the leap. How to spot a frenemy? Think about your friends by name and the thought that comes with each of them. Never pass on the vibes you get, trust your gut and trust that the Holy Spirit within you is always trying to communicate to you when you should have your guard up. Follow that instruction.

3. The Inquisitive

Inquisitive is the smart word for nosy. Your business is nobody else’s but yours and even those who have a stake in your life such as your mentors or life coaches won’t ever be too inquisitive. Instead, a good mentor or coach knows to wait till you feel comfortable enough to share your ideas or next steps. Be wary when the people around you are too inquisitive. Nosy people often just want to know so they can inform others and at conception, that is the last thing you need because your ideas are still fresh and can easily be stolen or beaten down.

4. The Pessimists

It might have nothing to do with you but everything to do with their personality. Whatever the reason behind the pessimism, you don’t need that sort of negativity anywhere close to you when making your next move. It is easier to give up than it is to forge ahead so the last thing you need is people who are always ready to echo existing or potential fears. You need to rally people around you who will cheer you on to move forward.

God has given you a dream, a vision and even a promise. However exciting that might be for you, not everyone needs to hear about it. In this season, you’re going to have to train your mouth and make silent moves. It will get quite lonely but it will save you stress and incorrect moves.

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