3 Simple Exercise For the Busy Woman

3 Simple Exercise For the Busy Woman

We all wish to have a sexy or at least a fit body but it’s just that, a wish!

Keeping fit is a necessity but with busy schedules, meetings and deadlines to meet up with to become a luxury we almost can’t afford. It’s important to indulge in exercising to reduce the risk of having diseases such as heart related diseases and it also helps to build the level of our strength. You don’t have to necessary spend up to 300 minutes exercising, you can aim for 45 minutes doing this simple exercises that don’t require for you to visit the gym.

  1. Walking

Walking has a tremendous physical and mental effects on the body. It is a good way to relax the mind and placate one’s mood when having a bad day. Studies have found that we become very creative when we take a walk. Not only that, but when we take a walk regularly we drop some weight too, setting us on the path to have that sexy body.

        2. Squats

Like the first, these exercises have physical and mental effects on the body, almost all parts of the body partakes in this exercise, you burn unto 500-700 calories when doing this exercise. Squatting improves the rate at which body fluid is pumped in the body and also helps with removal of waste. The juicy gist about squatting is that is helps make the butt become bigger

   3. Planks

This particular exercise is for tightening and strengthening our core muscles like the abdomen, arms and legs. For starters, it can be done for a minute or two, it can then be extended overtime.

Doing these three simple exercise regularly will help keep fit and perhaps, the sexy body you wish for.

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