3 Steps For Stepping Into March Like A Boss

3 Steps For Stepping Into March Like A Boss

I have deemed March the month where prophecy aligns with reality. Already, that tells you that I am watching what I confess.

This brings me to my first step:

  1. Prophesy

People love to use several charismatic terms like affirmations, speaking your truth etc. I’m just going to go old school and tell you to prophesy.

A prediction of what will happen in the future.-Dictionary

I’ll have you note that the functional word here is ‘will’ and not ‘might’. I believe that I am entering a season of unspeakable joy, peace, financial multiplication and wisdom. I am awfully specific because you get what you believe. What are you putting out to your environment?

2.  Sieve

With the advent of technology and the internet, we’re so consumed by all that we see in the running of our day-to-day lives. Sometimes, that’s a good thing as we’re granted access into worlds that we can’t even imagine. Amazing right? well, not quite if you tag along with everything read, said or brought to your table. It is important to sieve what’s for you and let the remaining go down the drain. Be where you ought to be at the right time with the right people. It is my hope that you are granted wisdom in this regard.

3. Love

Love is so underrated and misunderstood. It isn’t just an emotion shared between partners and contrary to popular belief, love shouldn’t only be expressed in February, it should be expressed every day and in every month. To the people you meet on a day-to-day basis, to the maid that helps you out with cleaning, to the driver who you can’t stand on most days… It is an action word in which all our actions should be fueled by. You’ll find that life gets a lot easier when you simply love your neighbour.


Let me know how your month progresses with these three steps. Let’s get excited, it’s about to be a mind-blowing month.

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