4 Types of Men You Don’t Need to Consider Dating in 2018

4 Types of Men You Don’t Need to Consider Dating in 2018

It’s a brand new year and some things just have to go. We’ve narrowed down the 4 types of men you don’t need to be entertaining this year. Safeguard your heart and sanity by reading below.

  1. The ‘let’s just see how it goes’ guy

At some point in all our lives, we’ve encountered this young man. He’s charming, good-looking and maybe he even has all you’ve prayed to God about when praying about a partner. However, having ticked all these boxes, he still won’t date you even though he really really likes you. I’m not sure how polite to put this but I’m just going to put it out there. He’s no good for you sis. You need to cut contact, block him everywhere possible and carry on with your life doing the work of the lord. In God’s time, the right guy will come along and it will be beautiful.

2. He loves God but not people

We know this man. He’s the one that probably isn’t as charming as the man described earlier but he claims to love God so much and practically lives in the church. He even gets upset when you don’t pray in tongues. Real catch right? Only hiccup is, he doesn’t love people. He is mean, callous and judgemental maybe even to everyone except you. I dated an individual like this for about a week but I loved myself too much to carry on. Don’t be fooled by everyone who proclaims to love God this year, sis. By their fruits, you shall know them. Make sure to watch their actions.

3. The broken man

This man is looking for a fixer. I don’t know about you but if your name doesn’t start with Olivia and end with Pope, don’t do it. There is absolutely no point to this whatsoever. It will break you too and you will eventually become two people looking to heal each other which is impossible to do where you’re no longer whole. Love yourself enough to love him from a distance, be his friend if possible and pray for him but you don’t need to be dating him. No you don’t.

4. The lover boy with no substance

He does all the sweet soulful things and that’s amazing. However, does he equip you to do better? What do you both have conversations about? Is there any depth to him at all? If you find yourself clamoring to answer this, you might just want to keep him in the friend zone.

Did we miss out anything? Feel free to share with us in the comments section.

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