5 Easy Tricks to Happier Mornings

5 Easy Tricks to Happier Mornings

If you have ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed you would understand how important mornings are. It is often said that how you start your day counts and if you have a great morning you are likely to have a great day. So here are a few tips to help you start your days better and be happier through the day:

Enjoy a good night’s sleep

It really doesn’t matter if you are a late sleeper or early riser, what matters is how much sleep you get. Six to seven hours of sleep is what is essential for your body and if you get that much, you and your body will be happier for it.

The trick is how to go about getting the amount of sleep you need. Hit the sack early most of the time and if you can’t because of the nature of your job or schedule, regulate your sleep period. It is widely advised that you leave your blinds or curtains slightly open so that the sunlight eases into your room when it’s morning. The sunlight signals your brain to slow its production of melatonin while boosting your adrenaline production. These two gently give your body that nudge it needs to wake up and also transmits energy.

You can make use of your alarm system as well, especially if you are a heavy sleeper, and set it up as a backup. Probably 15 minutes earlier than the usual time you are meant to be up.

A well-rested body has the tendency of leaving you feeling great in the morning and productive all day.


Drink enough Fluids

Yes, do have a drink. When you sleep, especially for seven hours as is required, your body is dehydrated as it goes through a fast. It then makes absolute sense to get the hydration back on when you get up, doesn’t it?

Grab at least, a glass of water once you are up. Your body staying hydrated helps with your alertness and generally makes your body feel awake and healthy.

You can also drink some fruit-infused water if you are up for that sort of thing. Key is, keep it healthy but stay hydrated.


Develop a solid workout/exercise routine

The easiest you most likely can come up with is a run or a walk around the neighborhood, your house or that space that you have created for yourself. Alternatively, you can employ squats, calf and leg raises, arms and legs stretch etc. Stretching is known to help ease tight muscles as well as improve circulation and flexibility.

If you want to go big on it, you might want to enroll in a yoga class or join a gym. This is all dependent on the amount of time you have at hand in your day. Studies show that good exercises in the morning may help set the tone for your day and also help you sleep better at night.

Go ahead, stretch.


Eat a good breakfast

Many times, you are out of time and you just want to grab something on the go. How about spending part of your weekend doing your meal prep? This way, you will most likely have a meal available. Eat what feels right, but never a forced meal. Also, do not skip breakfast, if you can. It has the tendency of telling on you.

You must have heard it said that a big meal for breakfast, keeps you going all day long. However, you need to know that it really does depend on the kind of day you’ll be having. A smoothie here, whole wheat bread there… whatever it is, just keep the meal healthy and satisfying and you will be good.


Listen to things funny stuff/motivational quotes/music

There is a huge possibility that these actions can leave you grounded for the day.

Listening to a podcast of things you enjoy; positive affirmations or things that make you smile or have a good laugh releases stress and tension.

Spending a few minutes listening to music you love, while commuting or just sitting somewhere can help your creative sparks come together, thereby helping you create a proper course of action. Studies show that engaging in these actions can help lower blood pressure as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your own playlist. Stay happy and have a beautiful day.

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