5 Steps To Destressing For A New Week

5 Steps To Destressing For A New Week

As a worrier, I know all too well about anxiety and a cluttered mind. If there has been something to worry about I have found it, and if there hasn’t, I have made it.

The problem is however, worrying doesn’t change much, if anything it compounds the problem so that you’re unable to tick things off your to-do list or sometimes, get anything done at all.

I’ve devised 5 steps that work for me which may hopefully work for you too.
<h4>1) Pray and Meditate</h4>
I believe in the power of the mind. Your mind will dominate whatever it is that you set out to do. If you’re thinking positive, postivity will envelope you and we all know the reverse. Prayer helps to sync your spirit with good energy. When you pray, you’re not thinking negative thoughts; when you meditate on the word, it’s all promises of what God has said He would do for us, it’s all positive. It’s difficult to have a cluttered mind when you make this a daily habit.
<h4>2) Do something silly</h4>
You need to stop taking yourself so seriously for a change. You wind up over thinking when you do. Have a little fun. Go paint balling, go to the arcade with a group of your friends, jump on a trampoline like when you were kids and had no cares in the world.
<h4>3) Stop starting your day by looking through social media</h4>
Social media is all well and good but sometimes, seeing a peer take a picture with their brand new G-wagon or reading an entry by someone complaining about their marriage or workplace is all the bad energy to get you through the week, in the most unpleasant way. Start your day right by praying and having a good, quick bowl of healthy cereal such as oatmeal or fruit and fibre.  You’ll feel better about taking on the day and in turn, the week.
<h4>4) Embrace the weekend</h4>
I have a rule. Do not call or text me over the weekend unless it’s an emergency and by emergency, I mean someone might die if I don’t absolutely get to it. Obviously, there are a few exceptions such as a conference that needs planning or attending to or a deadline that’s running behind etc. You need time away from the work to ensure that you get your bearings where the need arises.
<h4>5) Spend time with family and friends</h4>
Someone once said to me, ‘think about the end of your life’. Where would you like to be? and with whom would you like to share the last moments with? It was at this point that I realised that everything we do is leading up to this point. You don’t want to look back and feel an ounce of regret over not sharing quality time with the people who mattered the most. It’s not always about your wins but the footprints you leave in the sand. Those that you leave behind will either remember you for who you were to them or not remember you at all. Spending time with your family and friends will leave you feeling rejuvenated, no one is thinking about the projects they left behind on their death bed ask these t<a href=”http://flourishafrica.com/2018/02/02/these-terminally-ill-kids-describe-what-they-had-enjoyed-most-in-life/”>erminally ill kids</a>, they know a thing or two about this.

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