5 Things You Can Still Do To Make 2018 A Great Year

5 Things You Can Still Do To Make 2018 A Great Year


 1. Believe in yourself

Self-doubt is the quickest way to failure because it robs you of the necessary things you have to do to get to where you want to be.

2. Keep Learning

Maybe you’re not there yet. You’re not even half-way there. That’s not a problem. Ensure that you’re able to kill it when eventually given that opportunity. It is important to be ready! You can only achieve this by adequate preparation. Spend time honing your skills and knowledge. Learning also tends to subconsciously improve self-esteem. If you know your stuff, you’ll walk and talk like it.

3. Guard your energy

It’s not too late to sieve the people who come around you. If it doesn’t feel right, if your circle isn’t genuinely interested in your success, it’s never too late to get out of that circle and make a new one. Align with positivity so that positive things can come your way.

4. Stay Motivated

Now, take it from me, some days, you just won’t want to roll out of bed. You would want to sleep in and hit pause. However, time waits for no man. You don’t get to quit; not after all that energy you had bursting through at the beginning of the year. You have to make it a point to stay motivated. Get some flowers for your desk if you need to, put quotes on your mirror like Mary Jane did in ‘Being Mary Jane’. Watch a ted-x video. Go on flourish_africa’s social pages for that quick pick me up. You know, we cater to you.

5. Say Yes

Say Yes to the scary things, the out-of-your comfort zone things, the relationship that makes you truly see yourself… go to that country you’ve been meaning to travel to for as long as you can remember, save for that house you’ve been looking to buy yourself. Just say yes!


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