Unexpected Beauty Hacks

Unexpected Beauty Hacks

A while ago, we discussed about applying something as basic as the foundation. There are times when we apply the foundation on our faces and it doesn’t come out as sleek as we would have wanted it to be, due to various reasons such as acne, white heads, rash, uneven skin tone etc. These are five unexpected beauty hacks that can help your foundation sit just right.

1). Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

It is a very unique oil with multifunction. It serves as anti-fungal & anti-bacterial shield, a toner, a deep cleanser, a moisturiser (for daytime and nighttime) and also a makeup remover. Amazing right? Applying this oil onto your face regularly leaves it glowing.

2). Olive Oil

We are so used to seeing this oil around that we forget that it is packed with amazing qualities and can do more than serve as anointing oil, stir frying and so on. Olive oil contains Vitamin A, D, K, and E. It also contains an antioxidant that helps reverse or fight  cancer causing ultraviolet radiation, applying olive oil directly on the face also stops acne breakouts and it helps with sunburn.

3). Lime

Have you been trying various high-end products for skin exfoliation and they haven’t been giving you the desired results, I think its time you give lime a trial. Lime is a citrus fruit which contains the right vitamins we need for a vibrant skin, it exfoliates and slough off dead cells leaving the skin as good as new.

4) Honey

We are conversant with phrases such as “she’s aging backwards” and we might have even gotten jealous of the person the reference is  directed towards. It’s time to stop with the jealousy now , the secret you need to know is honey. Yes, honey.It’s about time to go digging from the corners of your refrigerators and start making use of it. Honey helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face making you look youthful, it also helps draw water to the skin from the air, making the face hydrated and subtle at all times. It also helps brighten up the skin and eliminates hyper-pigmentation.

5).  Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one beauty hack you need to know to about, if you are struggling with blackheads, rubbing in slices of tomatoes along the affected areas eliminates this problem in no time. Also tomato juices are excellent astringents.

We hope these five unexpected beauty hacks will help you achieve that magnificent glowing skin you have always desired.

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