For The Woman Who Wants To Feel Appreciated

For The Woman Who Wants To Feel Appreciated

I woke up from sleep very early on Monday morning and the first thing I saw was a message from someone saying to me: You’re amazing.

I smiled immediately without knowing I had and then, later went on to read the rest of the message in a bid to find out why this person thought I was amazing. Later, I realized that I had spent the rest of my morning so excited and full of energy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t rely on compliments to keep me balanced; I do exert a lot of energy in loving myself and making myself happy and it has always worked for me, but I decided to think a little deeply to find out why this made a little bit of difference.

Whatever I will be saying will be on behalf of a lady who has lost love for herself because she wasn’t loved. Many of us have experienced giving people our all and receiving nothing, I think this does something to you psychologically; said person wounds up and probably feels undeserving of what you can give, and it’s okay to feel that way after such events but remaining that way is where the problem comes in. I really can’t exhaust how important it is for you to love yourself and I am talking about unconditional, intentional love. Intentional means it should be a constant effort, you practice it every day it could be from talking to yourself in the mirror every morning or satisfying yourself and feeling worthy of everything good, even when it feels like you shouldn’t.

When there are no reasons to love myself, these are some… First of all, I am amazing and not because Person X said so, Person X had just been stating the obvious. Kudos to her for figuring it out.


Secondly, getting to love myself that way I realised I was deserving of every good in the world.


Thirdly, even when things don’t go the way I planned it out or the way I expected, I naturally open up to another opportunity not letting the previous disappointment keep me down.

Back to the top, after deeply thinking about what got me so excited about that message I received,  I realized I had gone full circle. I went from not being appreciated to appreciating myself and now to being appreciated. It almost felt like the more I saw myself, the more the world started to see me too.  I fell victim to giving so much to everyone who gave me little to nothing and finally, I decided to give myself that which I thought I deserved and that happened and it’s not happening for just me… What’s interesting about this is that it’s happening to every young lady who has decided to love themselves to the fullest. The best things do come with this phenomenon and the person who took your love for granted won’t be able to withstand your aura when you’re at that level, Trust me! I’m a living witness.

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