As the world celebrated women’s day; several things were celebrated alongside.

One most notable was the celebration of friendships: female friendships. Some women put up photos dating back decades of friends that had withstood the test of time. It was a thursday so throwbacks were a big thing.

This inspired us to come up with several  reasons why every woman needs her girl!

Your experiences are similar

Several issues are peculiar to the female gender and no one else will get that besides another woman because chances are, she’s going through the same challenges as you. So when you’re looking to vent about something seemingly silly, she will absolutely get it!

No one understands your heart-break like she does


It’s no news that men and women deal with heart-break differently. Men really are from Mars because they simply go playing snooker to try to get rid of the pain and don’t really talk through it. We on the other hand love a good earful. We want to drum up many scenarios in our heads and talk about all the many ways we could have averted it and when we realise we didn’t, we like to speak about how terribly hurt we are and guys just simply can’t get their heads around how we’re feeling. However, another woman will be ready to either throw shade at this horrible human being who’s just made her friend oh so sad or will hold you while you cry. It’s just the way it works.

Women make better shop buddies

No one will go back to that same shop and try on the dress for the fourth time to make sure it’s the absolute best choice. I mean, it makes perfect sense to us why you have to get the very best dress and make sure it fits in all the right places because that mid-riff got a bit bigger and if it shows, it could mess with the whole creative direction you dig? Try explaining this to any man and you’ve lost him from the 6th word.

You need the hype


You’ve got a date and you’re nervous? You’ve put on some weight in the wrong places? Your girl is who you need. She’ll help you snap out of it in no time. Men, unfortunately just don’t grasp the fact that us complaining is our way of saying, ‘reassure me’. Fortunately for us, we’ve got our bestie to do that and then some.

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