How To Plan An Event That Sells Your Brand? Here’s How

How To Plan An Event That Sells Your Brand? Here’s How

When your business starts off, you need to tell the whole world. How do you do that? Yup! Have a launch party. Don’t just have a launch party for the sake of it, you need to have one that people will remember for a long time and the focus needs to be on your products and services, not just inviting people over to have a good time.

The key question most people will have is “How do I start off”?

  1. Create a strategy

This first step is very important. Without a strategy there is no goal and without a goal there’s a high chance of failure. Set out the things you want to achieve from this launch party and how exactly you want to achieve them.

  1. Set goals

Your main goal for the event should be to introduce people to your products and services in a unique way and in the long run make sales or win business. Another goal could be introducing your products/services to new clientele. Plan key activations to make yourself stand out, have product testers available, etc.

  1. Identify your audience

Every business should have a target market. You need the right people to attend in order for this launch party to make sense and for you to make an impact. It is these people that will become your returning clients and brand ambassadors after they have tested or experienced your products/services (And of course are satisfied).

  1. Source media

What is the point of having a launch party that nobody knows about? You need to connect with key media houses involved in order for your message to be spread to the right audience. is usually a good one to connect with as they cut across every target market. From business to fashion to music to food, they’ve got you.

  1. Invite guests

What’s an event without its distinguished guests? Make sure you invite influencers in your niche to your event, if they like your stuff, they will be automatic ambassadors. If influencers like what you’re offering, you will have free advertising – an easy way to get new customers.

  1. Provide samples of your products/service at the event

I mean, why not? What’s the point of coming to a launch party and we can’t see your products or experience the services you offer? Give people something to take home, something to remember.

  1. Collect data

Get the email addresses and phone numbers of everyone who attends your event. You might want to send an announcement of new products/services or invite them to your next event.

  1. Thank your guests for attending

You should never skip this step. People always need to feel important. A little thank you can go a long way. Always appreciate people for taking time out to come and support you.

Bonus step – If you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing all these things, hire a PR person/company. Notice I said PR company and not Event planner.

The average event planner will only plan your event, however a PR person/company will invite the right people to your event as well as plan. They not only invite, they will create all the buzz for your event. If you’re a start-up, you definitely need this!

You could also hire both. Most people do, so each party can focus on their key strengths.


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