Karo Omu: “5 lies You’ve Been told about Pregnancy”

Karo Omu: “5 lies You’ve Been told about Pregnancy”

Pregnancy can be a pretty anxious phase for anyone especially if it’s a first. From internet searches to unsolicited advice, what’s true and what’s not? I’ve broken down some myths on pregnancy that might assist you.

  1. It is magical

Although bringing a life into the world is ethereal. It is a different experience from person-to-person. Some are easy and even when it’s easy, there are difficult days. Don’t feel bad if you’re not elated every day.

    2. You’ll always want to eat Healthy

Sometimes, you’ll crave a good snack or two and it isn’t out of the ordinary. You’ll want to eat healthy because it’s best for the baby but, you know what they say about what the flesh wants. cues.. R.Kelly’s “My mind is telling no, but my bodayyyy…. my bodayyyy… is tellng me yes”. I digress. Sometimes, all you’ll feel like putting in your mouth is a bucket of ice cream and in those times, go easy on yourself. Don’t condemn yourself for not being a good parent.

   3. There’s one way to be pregnant

Everyone and their mother will advise you on exactly how your pregnancy is going to go. In Africa, your baby is community baby. Do not be alarmed when it doesn’t go the way they said it would. Like I said, the rule of thumb really is that pregnancy is different for everyone.

   4. You’re sick everyday

Don’t think that there’s something wrong if you aren’t. Some people are lucky and they’re able to get away with never feeling sick and having tonnes of energy to get through the day. For others, it’s on the extreme other end.


   5. There’s a right way to sleep

Just get yourself a pregnancy pillow. Yes, there are pregnancy pillows and those things are the dream. Sometimes, you’ll feel like sleeping on your back, other days, your sides would be the perfect sleeping position, feel free to roll with it, literally.




Bottom line

When you get pregnant, several people will offer their unsolicited opinions but, you just need to decide to work hard-in-hand with your doctor, listen to your body and do what’s ultimately best for yourself and your baby.


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