Stop With The Overthinking

Stop With The Overthinking


“We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action” – Dr. Henry Link

Our mind often plays tricks on us when we do not take charge, we find ourselves overthinking everything and all situations. And most times when we start, we realize our initial thoughts were nothing but the projection of our fear.

Will smith described Fear as unreal and also a choice. We can either choose to focus on our fear or choose to ignore them and take action. Fear is the  creation of our thoughts, a feeling that has come to find home in our imagination, accompanied with it is irregular heartbeat, sweaty palms and a constant wish to just throw-in the towel and give up. It can freeze us from taking action, hereby, inhibiting ones progress.

The most logical way to overcome fear, is to focus on our path and to remove our focus from the obstacles we come across along the way. We become what we focus on, if we keep seeing the obstacles we wouldn’t see the path. Readily bear in mind that the obstacles will be there but likewise a path to work around it.

With each step taken, our paths become clear and our goals or aims become more defined. Shortly, we will come to realize that our initial fear was baseless, nothing but a distraction from our aim and that which we desire.

Take action today, go for your goals without holding back and if you must, do it afraid

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