MUA And Founder Of JM Signature Shares 5 Beauty Products She Never Goes Without

MUA And Founder Of JM Signature Shares 5 Beauty Products She Never Goes Without

We went snooping in Jane of JM Signature’s make-up bag and these were the products she promised to never go without.

Beauty blender

Its safe to say I’m addicted to my beauty blenders especially when it’s very soft. I’m not so big on brand, as long as it does it’s job properly which is blend flawlessly. It’s so bad that even when I use a brush to apply my foundation, I’m never satisfied until I go in with my blender to seal it in. I’m just convinced it gives me that skin-like feel when used properly






















I may decide not to have on any eye makeup some days but my lashes must always be on fleek if you know what I mean. This is where my falsies come to play. Got about 5 pairs of different styles I tend to use based on how I feel that day. To me, lashes are like the “cherry on top” in eye makeup.

My preferred brand are my brand of lashes called the JM Lashes. I’m not just saying that because they’re mine.

Setting spray
























If there was such a thing as “setting spray abuse” I would be guilty as charged because I can’t seem to get enough of my setting spray. I use it as skin prep before makeup and also after makeup to set it all in as well as get rid of the powdery feel after makeup.

Lip gloss




















You’ll always find lipgloss in my purse. I may forget to take powder brush or lipstick to touch up my makeup but I can never forget my lipgloss, I even have back up lipgloss. On my no makeup days I still have on at least just lipgloss.

Micellar cleansing water

After a long day and I’m done slaying and all, it’s time to take off my makeup. I grab my miscellar water because it’s the only thing that can take off my makeup and still leave me feeling refreshed. Helps keep the breakouts at bay.

Here are some of the gorgeous looks this MUA has created.


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