My 3 Lessons From the Month Of ‘Janu-Worry’

My 3 Lessons From the Month Of ‘Janu-Worry’

It’s the start of a new week and we’re either pumped full of energy and determination or like me, you’re feeling a little wary. As someone joked, it feels like we’re in the third month of January with how long and slow the month has seemed to drag on.

This month has been rife with me placing focus on aligning with my goals for the year and ensuring I get off to a great start overall. Another important variant has also been not to get so carried away with my goals that I lose track of taking care of myself. All these factors to consider, yet,so little time.

If you’re on a similar wavelength as I am, it can prove overwhelming if you are trying to ensure that you find a balance whilst doing all in your power to reach the envisioned finish line.


As as I spent my weekend dwelling on this, three things occurred to me:


1. There is no finish line

Hate to burst your bubble but we’re all in this seeming unending race to getting to this destined end point that if we had to get here we would have achieved all our goals. However, this finish line is non-existent. There is no such thing as ‘the goal.’ There are several goals that change with growth and surpassing… but it never stops. We keep going. So if we keep on with this rat race all our lives, I have surmised that we are to at least enjoy it while we can.

Enjoy the race, the bumps on the road whilst hitting your targets.


2. When my spirituality suffers, I suffer. The more uneasy I felt, the more I asked myself where I was with God. Was I praying hard enough? Was I in alignment with His purpose for my life? Did I trust Him enough to take my hand and lead? One of the best things about starting salsa was learning to let my partner take the lead. In fact, I learnt that it’s one of the things I completely sucked at. Letting someone else take the reins… I was more of a control freak than I was willing to admit so that led to a lot of left foot moments.

Life with God is a dance. You’re either letting him take charge or you’re trying to take the reins whilst holding his hand. In the process, if you don’t completely let him take the lead, you will end up messing up the dance routine.

 When you’re not operating on the same page as your creator, that’s when you panic and your anxiety is on a high. However, when you’re in partnership with the one who’s created the future, there’s absolutely no reason to panic. He’s got your covered.


3. It’s ok to take breaks. God created for all of six days and on the seventh, he rested. If God, the ultimate-supreme being needed rest, who are we to think we are beyond needing our rest. It’s ok to reflect over the weekends but what’s even more important to get your timely rest where applicable after a busy week. The brain tends to operate better when it has enjoyed its rest. So relax, there’ll be ample time to take over the world once you’ve gotten your beauty sleep.

Another inoortant thing I acknowledged over the weekend was how much things seemed to work in my Favour when I wasn’t overdoing it but buried myself with doing the work, staying still and letting God have His way.


Slow and steady will win this race. Don’t fret, it’s handled.

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