Nothing’s Happening In Your Life Right Now? Here’s What You Need To Do.

Nothing’s Happening In Your Life Right Now? Here’s What You Need To Do.

As I pondered about this, I was reminded of the story of David in the Bible and how his ability to kill Goliath didn’t just happen to fall down from heaven the day he needed to fight Goliath.

If you back track a bit reading through the story of David’s life, you’ll find that he was a shepherd. He was always steadfast in tending to his sheep and that included fighting off dangerous animals that could attack his sheep such as the lions who would try to prey on his herd. This practice would invariably help him in the event that would forever change his life and elevate him to success.

Sheep are docile in nature, very easily tempered but are also described as obstinate-stubborn in nature so it takes a good shepherd to handle a flock of sheep and keep them from harm’s length. Although the work of a shepherd might be described as menial in nature, God used this so-called menial man and made him king. He went from tending to sheep to tending to people. Again, God showing Himself to not be one to call the qualified, but to qualify the called. A recurring theme in the Bible; look at the life of Moses too.

If you’re feeling like you’ve currently hit a pause in your life at the moment, it might mean that this is your preparation time. What you do during this time, how steadfast you are and remain could possibly determine how fruitful your future will turn out.

So, understandably you’ve got goals to become a king in your field but you’re currently in your shepherd place. Two things:

1. Do you believe that God has appointed you to be King and has he put that calling upon your life?

2. If He did it before, will He not do it again as  He is the same yesterday, today and forever?


If you can answer both questions in the affirmative then you’re good to go. The key is to hang on, stay learning and steadfast. Your time to lead is fast approaching and you need to be ready when your Goliath comes charging at you.

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