Girl Hub Founder, Gusi Tobby Shares Some Advice For Women Looking To Get Mentored

Girl Hub Founder, Gusi Tobby Shares Some Advice For Women Looking To Get Mentored

Gusi Tobby can be found advocating for the girl child on all things empowerment, education and helping the disadvantaged. She is an advocate for volunteering and has successfully created a network of women whose major focus is changing the world, one step at a time. Read more about her here.

She shared, in simple steps, ways in which young women looking to get mentored could go about finding a mentor. We found her steps apt, simple and concise; every bit worth sharing.

Take a look below.

1) You must aim to ADD VALUE, you can not always receive mentoring from a person and not add value in anyway to their life, business, family etc. There must be something you can offer even if it’s cleaning of shoe or cleaning, do it diligently and in so doing, ADD VALUE”
On your own, improve yourself, read books, make meaningful researches with regards to your area of interest.
Make them know that they are not waisting their time and resources on you.

2) Don’t just be available, be RELEVANT –

‘Biko who your presence help if you are not relevant to their goals?’

No matter what it is, make sure your contributions and efforts are relevant to your mentor.

3) Have INTEGRITY – So every young woman wants to “Blow/MAKE IMPACT”, and you need a mentor to guide you through your journey, but you don’t even have the integrity to give your mentor her balance when you are sent to shop and there’s some cash remaining, You might think they don’t notice but trust me they do. Have integrity in whatever you do, sometimes, those little things are just to test you and to know your strength, Even the Bible says when you are faithful in little, you will be faithful in much.

Nobody wants to be a mentor to someone they don’t trust or they can not vouch for.


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