Pace Is Better Than Haste

Pace Is Better Than Haste

We’re all struggling to get somewhere, reaching a destination that quite frankly doesn’t exist. The need to be better, do better, make better pay is an ever increasing need and society doesn’t help a lot with this lessening this need. We’re all running towards the same thing, whether it’s the race to get married, the race to have a child, the race to have a more thriving career and the list is endless. However, we all need to take time out to understand that steady wins the race and the race doesn’t necessarily go to the swiftest.

How then do we make a conscious effort to pace ourselves especially where our goals are concerned?

  1. Live on your own terms


Over the last few months, I’ve been reading up a lot on people that I admire. They didn’t have to be known but I just observed little things about them. It wasn’t their interviews, words, books that they had written that touched me, but, their lifestyle. I followed them on their social platforms and caught a glimpse of how they lived and one thing that was consistent was that they tried to find a balance. Whether it was in travelling alone or reading books or expressing opinions that sometimes, weren’t the most popular. Bottom line is that they were loving on their own terms and with such care free abandon and i was envious of how they did what they wanted to do without asking what the world thought. Perhaps that was the key to their success; whilst the rest of the world pondered about it and were overthinking their grand ideas, these people just seemed to get it done without flinching.

2. Spend quality time with the one who matters the most

If you thought I was going to speak about a significant other, you thought wrong. The one who matters the most is yourself because you cannot fill from an empty cup. What do you enjoy doing? Or what did you formerly enjoy before ‘adulting’ got the best of you? I used to dance as a young adult but over the years I’ve grown stiff. So, I enrolled for salsa classes as it might just help me get my bounce back. Those 2 hours I get to do this alone are priceless. Find your you time and do not negotiate it.

3.  Breathe

We’re so wrapped up with all our various goals that it’s taking control of how we function. Sometimes, all you need to do is just pause, let go and let God. You’ll find that somehow things tend to work themselves out especially when you have already done the work.

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