Valentine’s Day Might Do More Damage To Your Mental Health Than You Know

Valentine’s Day Might Do More Damage To Your Mental Health Than You Know

Should Valentine’s day be a once-off celebration one day in a year? It’s a NO for me and psychologically, it is not healthy because it causes heightened anxiety, depression and sometimes suicide due to heartbreaks and other disappointments.

People should learn to express their LOVE every day, to everyone and everywhere. If this is done, the world will be a better place.

Romantic love has been around for a long time, and the idea of falling madly and uncontrollably in love is kind of a paradox. We’re supposed to be in control of so many aspects of our psychics, so many aspects of nature, and here’s something that can be so random and messed up. There’s something very appealing about the edginess of it. Love throws your neatly-ordered universe into turmoil.

The truth, however, is that life is too short to dedicate just one day to loving someone

Remember, what you don’t have, you can’t give. Start by loving yourself first and there is never a late time for that. You can begin NOW!

Valentine’s Day is NOT a day to express whether you truly love someone or not. It’s just an over hyped day that people are using wrongly for various personal reasons. If you love someone, there shouldn’t be limitations in expressing that.

For couples, Valentine should be every day. If there are reasons for you and your spouse to be happy, bask in the euphoria of it. For the days of sadness that sometimes do come and which are part of nature, find the root cause of the problem and deal with it. After all, a problem shared is half solved.

Have activities mapped out periodically for you, your spouse and your children to explore the hidden treasures around your city.

Show love every day and don’t wait around for a man to show love to you. If you open your eyes, you will find around you people that need your love; orphans, widows, the less-privileged, a friend that is going through a challenge. A phone call, a text message that says I care, a hug, a word of prayer or a timely gift are some of the ways you can express love to such people.

Don’t get caught up in the hysteria of Valentine’s Day. The day will pass and trust me, you will be fine.



About the Author

Dr Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri (Dr May) is a multiple award-winning Mental Health Physician and Psychologist. She is the Medical Director of Pinnacle Medical Services, a health and wellness centre which deals specifically with psychological, behavioural, and mental health related issues. As one of the leading Mental Health Experts, Dr Maymunah is renowned for her passion for mental health advocacy. She has been featured on the top TV stations in the country where she sensitised the public about mental health issues such as depression, suicide and much more. She also hosts a weekly live Facebook session where she talks in depth about overcoming addiction and other mental health problems.

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