Talking Time Off For Self

Talking Time Off For Self

In a twitter thread, a young lady spoke about how a large part of her self-esteem was built around her success. She spoke about the challenges that created as whenever she hadn’t met a target at work or wasn’t able to meet a deadline, her self-esteem went spiraling downwards.

In a session with her therapist, she was told that her sense of self had to be independent of her work ambitions, goals or even career set-backs.

This has become the reality for a number of women across the globe, as more and more women venture into gaining their financial independence and  striving to break through the glass ceiling forgetting that in spite of our ambition, we must never forget to care for our well being as being whole is important for sustainability.


How then do you take time off for self with busy schedules and immense competition?

  1. Mornings are key

It is so imporant what you do at the start of your day. If going onto socil media is your first point-of-call, you’re doing it wrong. Social media exposes you to a variety of news both postive and negative. Since you can’t control what people post about, there’s no filter. This isn’t what you want to start your day with. Prayer, meditation and even drawing up a to-do list are good 1st steps to kick off your morning and take time out to spend it by yourself.

2. Use your leave days, no one will die, we promise

I once had a colleague who never once went on leave. Between juggling being a single mom and trying to make partner, she exhausted herself getting in early and leaving late. One day, she passed out and was placed on bed rest for 3 weeks due to extreme exhaustion. If you don’t take time off, your body might just do it for you, if you’re lucky.

3. Take a walk

Every now and again, even if you’re not the exercise prone person, a walk around the block once a day will do you good. It will get your heart pumping, brain energised and body on par.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Mentally drained? Is your self esteem taking a blow? You might have to take time off for self.


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