My Month Of Intermittent Fasting

My Month Of Intermittent Fasting

Welcome to February! I’m kicking off the month determined to live a healthier lifestyle and losing the extra fat around my mid riff. When I gain weight, it tends to accumulate there first. Can you relate?

I first learnt about intermittent fasting from  Nicole Chikwe, mama of 3 and beauty/health blogger. She had described how intermittent fasting had helped her shed some extra kilos which she had gained from pregnancy.  She describes it as a pattern of eating on her website

It is not a diet per se, it’s a PATTERN of eating. Its more about changing WHEN you eat as opposed to WHAT you eat.

Intermittent fasting is choosing a time frame and only eating around that time frame. For example, I’m choosing the 6hour period but working my way up from the 8hour window so that I don’t shock my body meaning that I get to gulp down food between 12pm-8pm or 11am-7pm depending on when I start eating. It’s important to establish a routine though and ensure I have fixed times.

In the periods where I’m fasting, I’m allowed water, tea (green tea and rooibos tea are great options as they’re rich in antioxidants) and juice (no pineapple or grapes).

Another great thing about this diet is how I’m still obligated to eat healthy. I stock up on fiber rich foods and some healthy protein with lots of vegetables. Beans are a no-no as I have learnt that they are more rich in Carbs than they are in Protein. Believe me, I was hurt too.


I’m hoping to document my journey here every week. I’ll also be joining the gym and going early in the morning as I have been told that you burn more calories from exercising on an empty stomach.


I look forward to sharing my progress as the month progresses. Wish me luck!

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