Own Your Brand

Own Your Brand

Sometimes the reason  we don’t do too well at selling our craft is because we undervalue it and as a result, we’re unable to sell the brand story.

Recently, I was introduced to Wana Sambo, one of Nigeria’s leading fashion designers with the eponymous fashion label. As we spoke, a young girl introduced herself as a Brand strategist working for herself. However, she was hesitant to mention it as her company name wasn’t one that anyone had heard of… she was up and coming. Wana in her, what I hear is usual, blunt fashion mentioned to the young woman how she needed to own her brand and say it boldly and be very proud of herself for creating something of her own.

Unknown to her when I heard that, an article was birthed in my mind.

For many of us who work 9-5s and run part-time jobs, many times we’re more eager to sell our employer’s brand than we are to sell our own and then wonder why our brands are not growing or why people are struggling to buy into our brand.

You have to believe in you first, sell yourself on the idea and core values of the brand before you can let the world in on it. I can only buy into an idea or brand that I have been persuaded to believe. You can’t persuade me unless you’re sold on it yourself.


This week, if we get nothing right, it is that we need to own that which we have created. It can be quite daunting watching your peers achieve so much with structured careers in their organisation but that doesn’t diminisg your success. The ability to create is a powerful tool and you’ve already begun! All the greats started somewhere and no one knew who they were in the beginning.

It’s one thing to create, it’s another thing to fully identify with your craft so much that others have no other choice but to believe in your vision. If you’ve been struggling with selling your business brand, ask yourself, “Am I owning it?”


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