When the Tides are Too High

When the Tides are Too High

If you’re a beach fanatic like I am (mind you, I don’t swim). You’ll know that feeling where your heart sinks when you see the “warning sign”. You might spot a few lifeguards making sure no one comes too close to the water too. I’d like to liken this to blessings.


You know when you can feel that promotion, that breakthrough, that financial increase but it feels like someone’s saying, hang on, “the tides are too high”; you’re right there, like the beach water, you can taste the salt, feel the breeze in the air but the tides are too high so you can’t get too close to it or you might get hurt.


It it is important to understand in this new season that although blessings are meant for us, although we’re close to our promotion and our renewal, timing still plays a major role. If you get it too soon, it might become more of a problem than a testimony.

So maybe you’re on the brink of your breakthrough, maybe it’s sometjing you’ve waited so long to claim but it seems like God is making you wait just a while. It’s there, you can almost grab it but everything is saying, “hang on, wait a minute”… you need to listen. You need to not bypass the warning signs and exercise some patience.

Is He not God and will He not do it?

Do not also get discouraged. Some people leave the beach during the high tides because they can’t afford to wait any longer. Other people just lay far away from the water, tanning, building sand castles and soaking in the cool breeze. When the high tides are over, who do you think gets to go closer to the water first? If you guessed the people on the beach, then you guessed right. This is the same principle with your blessings. If you leave the work, stop doing the needful, you might not be found when that promotion is due or the salary increase is ready. Let nothing hinder you from staying committed to wherever you are placed for it is there that you are to blossom.

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