You Should Avoid This Skin Care Ingredient

You Should Avoid This Skin Care Ingredient

Allure recently published an article which advised against this skin care ingredient.


In the article, Jennifer lawrence’s Aesthetician who has also worked on other international acts such as: Gwyneth Paltrow spoke on the importance of avoiding mineral oil altogether.

According to biochemist, Paula Simpson,  “Mineral oil belongs to the class of chemicals called hydrocarbons, which are compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen”. “Typical hydrocarbons are petrolatum, paraffin, and mineral oil, all of which are widely used as emollients because of their low volatility and smoothing texture when applied to the skin.”

This helps explain why mineral oil is so widespread in skin care, from drugstore bargains to high-end prestige products. It locks in moisture to heal dry, irritated skin and makes products feel silky-smooth and luxurious, but Simpson continues that “because of the barrier effect it has on skin, mineral oil can also clog pores.” And according to dermatologist Ava Shamban, “creams that combine mineral oil and paraffin can actually damage the skin barrier and increase water loss.”


This will cause dehydration and clogging as the oil tends to stay on the surface doing damage to the skin and almost suffocating it. It might come across like mineral oils are doing great for the skin, but Simpson mentions that it is a short term in actuality and proposes that it not be made use of long-term.

Your moisturiser should always absorb into your skin and not sit on the surface. If it feels heavy after application, chances are, it is heavy asnd you should opt for something lighter.






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